Welcome to Kateland

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LocationEmy Frentz Arts Guild located at 523 S 2nd Street in Mankato

The comics featured in Welcome to Kateland page have derived from Kat Baumann’s favorite and most memorable experiences working in the field of professional cake decorating here in Mankato. This show is a careful selection of those already picked-through memories. She has been immensely fortunate to have found a career which both allows her to utilize her creative energy and gives her constant proximity to sugary snacks. What’s more is that she’s been given so many priceless, ridiculous experiences with unorthodox customer requests, incredibly charming co-workers and the competitive, engaging medium of cake decorating itself.

            Shortly after she graduated with her bachelor’s degree, she had already been working as a decorator for three years. While she often found herself at a loss for subject matter in her traditional paintings and illustrations, she had no shortage of hilarious (mostly stupid) anecdotes from the day job that she loved. It was around this time that she started a log of incidents and thought processes related to and triggered by her work life. As she began turning those memories into caricatures of her own life, she quickly transitioned though changes in her drawing style. Welcome to Kateland is a representation of everything she loves and sometimes hates about her job and, maybe more importantly, her own weird idiosyncrasies as an artist.


The opening reception for Welcome to Kateland is Thursday, August 18 from 5-7 PM at the Emy Frentz Arts Guild (523 S Second St, Mankato) and is open to the public.  Refreshments and cake will be served. The exhibit is sponsored by Meyer & Norland Financial Group.

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