About RSS

Really Simple Syndication or "RSS" refers to an alternative way of viewing a webpage. The term RSS is used interchangeably with feed, news feed, RSS feed, and XML feed.

Websites that change frequently, like this one, often have RSS pages. An RSS page presents the titles of new and recent articles, or in this case, events in a list. A link to the full information is included.

This web site has separate feeds for each of the major categories (theatre & dance, music, etc).

Setting up your web browser to see RSS feeds

Either go to this site's home page or to a specific category page - like Music - Country for example.

Then in most browsers (like IE, Firefox and Safari), just click on the RSS icon link on the page and it will prompt you to add the RSS feed automatically.

Get notices of area events - RSS icon

In Chrome, you will need to install an extension. There are lots of RSS extensions they can install by going to  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/rss?_category=extensions
We recommend a simple one called Foxish Live RSS.

Foxish RSS

After you have the feed set, the feed of events will appear in your browser as a Bookmark that you can select.  You can go right to an event that looks interesting and it will zip you directly to that page.

Bookmarks screenshot