Event Creation Tips

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 Video Tutorial: How to Submit an Event


Step by Step: How to Submit an Event

The first step is to create an account - it's free and quick.  Click on the Create new account link on the home page or under the Login link.

After you are logged in, you'll see a Submit Events link appear.

Before you submit any events, please review the Site Policies and Guidelines (they are short and important).

If you run into any problems and have a question, call (507) 385-6640.


Always enter your events at least two weeks before they occur (earlier is better)- this will allow time for approval and for the public to find out about it!

Contact (507) 385-6640 to be considered for Contributor status.  Contributors can input events and have them appear on the site immediately without review.  Note that we are pretty picky about this and this can be revoked at any time.

Entering your Event

Login to the site and click on Submit Events at the top of the page.  You'll see a page with some tabs across the top.

 Submit Event Tabs

Each tab along the top of the 'Create an Event' page relates to a different type of information you will need to add about your event. 

*Tabs marked with a red star indicate that they are required fields in that area that must be completed.

Click on each tab to enter the information requested.

You only need to press the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page once, after all information is entered, but you can click it as much as you want as you work to prevent losing anything you've put in to computer or internet gremlins.

Basic Info

When entering an event that repeats, enter the beginning date along with starting and ending times for that date in the first row. By selecting Repeat you can enter the frequency of the repeating event, end date and any excluded dates within this time.

Enter ONE event or thing to do if it has one description, one cost, one location, but just multiple dates it happens on.  

A note about recurring events.  If your event happens at the same time across multiple days/weeks or months, you can click on the REPEAT checkbox and options will appear that allow you to set up those multiple dates automatically.  If your event happens at different times on different days, you will need to enter one event for each time option.  Create the first event and save it.  Click on My Events, find your event in either the Under Review or Approved section, and then use the CLONE EVENT link to make an exact copy of that first event - change the time (and anything else that might be different) and Save.


Is this a one-time event, or a thing to do in the area? A "Thing To Do" is something that people can do often, like view City Walk Art Sculptures, or attend a Karaoke Night at a local establishment. An "Event" is something that is a one-time opportunity (or not around very often), like a music concert at Verizon Wireless Center, or a particular play at the theatre. Please note that submitted things to do will be adjusted by administrators if incorrectly classified.

Things to Do are ongoing attractions (like the CityArt Sculpture Walk) and recurring events (like Poker nights).


-All events must have a photo.  Events that have attractive and relevant photos or a video are much more likely to be featured on the home page by our webmasters.  Note that logos are strongly discouraged as the event photo and may cause your event to be not featured or not approved. Good images show past years of an event, places where events are held, samples of art, artists from other performances, etc.

If you don't have a photo or video ready to add to your event, there are many category-specific, public photos available for you to use. (provided by Greater Mankato Growth, Visit Mankato and the Mankato Free Press).  

DISCLAIMER: If you upload your own photo, be SURE you have copyright permission or a license to use the image.  If you upload an image belonging to someone else, you (or your organization) are liable for any fines/fees or legal issues arising from that image use. Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's free to use.

Click on 'Use Existing photo' >> type in the name of the category you've selected for this event >> Select a photo by clicking it >> click 'Update photo'. 

If you would like to submit a video to be featured along with your event, you can do so by first posting your video to YouTube.com or Vimeo.com. After the video has been submitted to YouTube or Vimeo, they will provide you with a URL (a web address). You can paste that URL into the event submission page and your video will appear with your event.



Start by clicking on EXISTING VENUE - start typing the name of the location. If nothing comes up, CANCEL and click on the ADD NEW VENUE button and enter it.  Once you've put it in, it will be there for you to use again in the future without having to re-enter anything.

There is a set of pre-loaded locations(venues) on the site that you can use if your event is happening at one of those locations.  For example, if your event is happening at the Kato Ballroom, on this tab, you'd click on Use Existing Venue, then type in Kato - you'll see the Kato Ballroom come up - click on it to select it and click Update Venue.  All of the map and other information about the Ballroom is already entered for you, so you're done with that piece!


This works just like the Location/Venue and Photos - search for an EXISTING organization first and if yours is not there, then enter it as NEW.


Saving and Setting Default Details

The Great Mankato Events Calendar enables you to save Organizations, Venues, Contact Information and Photos/Videos so you can use them over and over for your events. 

On your User page, after you are logged in and entered at least one event, you can set event defaults that will help speed up your event entry.  Choose the 'Edit' tab and toward the bottom you will see an area to add the defaults.  These will be filled in automatically for you on future new events (you can change them if needed as you edit).

We recommend that you have a different account on the site for each organization that you are submitting events for - that way you can store defaults and contact information related to just that organization.

We recommend that each organization designate one person to enter events for your organization to avoid duplicate events.  Please use the EXISTING tab to avoid duplicate organization entries also.


Venue entry 

After you submit a new event, you will receive an email indicating your submission has been accepted or, in rare cases, rejected.