Integrative Social Robotics: One Way Philosophy Can be of Use to Society

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LocationArmstrong Hall 231 located at Ellis Ave in Mankato

The Philosophy Department Welcomes: Raffaele Rodogno from Aarhus University

"Integrative Social Robotics: One Way Philosophy Can be of Use to Society (and Engineers)"

Thursday, March 28th, 12:30 - 1:45PM, Armstrong Hall 231

Unlike industrial robots, “social robots” are robotic devices that are designed to engage humans in social interactions, by presenting themselves—in appearance or behavior—as intelligent social agents. In some sense, social robot producers will be selling not just mechanized objects, but the social interactions that the latter will be capable -or incapable- of offering. With a global market share of social robotics projected to be several trillion US $ by 2025, a lot is at stake. The goal of building robots that participate in the space of human social interaction raises technological, empirical, and normative questions. I will sketch an approach - Integrative Social Robotics - designed to tackle these questions.

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