Spring Health Fair Focus: Ergonomics: E1A© Low Back Discomforts

This Event Occurred in the Past.

LocationProfinium Bank located at 100 Warren Street in Mankato

85% of us will suffer from low back pain at some point in our lives! Most of these are from the four major muscle groups of the low back becoming weak and/or inflexible. This session gives you the tools to prevent/heal low back pain or discomfort caused by poor muscle conditioning. Exercises take as little as one minute per day!

Free Health Assessment: Grip Strength (Important for lifting)

Demonstrations @ 11:15 and 12:15 Lifting Techniques (You may not know!!!)

***Optional Additional Health Assessments: Low Back Fitness; Carpal Tunnel, Neck, Shoulders & Elbows; Body Composition (% Body Fat vs. Lean Muscle) Regular $29.50……Health Fair rate $23.50 (Results mailed within two weeks, includes 10 minute phone consultation)

This is a FREE event!



Appropriate for:

College/Young Adults

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