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You are invited to put Greater Mankato Events on your website. Events must appear with no changes to the information. Events may not appear accompanied by advertising on your site. Each event must link back to this site for details as the examples below do. You can link to the home page or all events or to sections of the site with selected events based on your interests.

Below is information to help you put Greater Mankato Events on your website in one of these ways.

  • a link (text)
  • RSS or a widget (live feeds of events)

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Using your usual methods for adding links to your website, you can link to the home page or directly to specific pages using the URLs below.
These are handy links for sending in emails to friends also. 

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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows you to automatically get notices of new events in your email, web browser or RSS news reader software. To learn more about RSS and how to set up feeds from this calendar, click here

If you want to subscribe to an RSS feed from this site, it is possible to do it by category, keywords, free events, family events or senior events. If you click on the links on the various category pages that say "Get notices of events in your email and web browser", you'll see what is in that particular feed.