What's New

The 2016 version of greatermankatoevents.com is a completely new site with all new programming, design and data.


  • Mobile-first design (great for phone and tablet users as well as those on laptops/desktops)
  • Big photos and videos to draw users in to your events
  • Photos mandatory on all events
  • Improved site search and easier ways to search by date (year, month, week and day)
  • Things to Do broken out from singular Events (so that recurring attractions don't crowd out one-time events)
  • Gustavus, Bethany and MSU Sports events are fed into the site automatically (this was on the old site from 2009 to 2014 and they are back!)
  • Easier tools for viewing and editing your own events
  • Photos, Locations/Venues and Contact People can be entered for an event OR selected from pre-entered/pre-saved list.  There are Public Photos and Venues that you can select to put on your event and you can upload, save and reuse your own Photos or Venues that only you can select.
  • Videos can now be on YouTube or Vimeo and the site accepts the longer or shorter form URLs.
  • Photo uploading is easier and larger photos are accepted. Instructions to resize or crop your photo are provided on the page.
  • Repeating events are easier to enter and display better on the site. And you can exclude dates in a series.  For example, if your event happens weekly, except on Thanksgiving Thursday and Christmas Thursday, you can exclude those two dates.

Site promotion - the five founder partners will be re-introducing the site to the public during the summer and fall of 2016 - so watch for ads and announcements that will bring more visitors to the site and to YOUR events!